“Internal Investigations: Effectively Finding Answers to Workplace Issues,” Speakers Shannon B. Schmoyer and Justin Sobey – Schmoyer Reinhard Breakfast Briefing

October 12, 2011

Shannon B. Schmoyer and Justin Sobey presented on the topic, “Internal Investigations: Effectively Finding Answers to Workplace Issues,” at the Schmoyer Reinhard Breakfast Briefing.

The presentation focused on how a well-planned internal investigation is an effective tool for resolving workplace issues and preventing meritorious legal claims.  They also discussed how a poorly implemented or conducted internal investigation can expose employers to liability for countless legal claims, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, defamation, false imprisonment, and invasion of privacy.  The briefing also provided attendees guidance on how to conduct a legally compliant and effective internal investigation while also discussing ways to avoid the typical legal traps that can arise.