“NLRB Expands Its Reach,” Speakers Christine E. Reinhard and Monica J. Lerma – Schmoyer Reinhard Breakfast Briefing

October 9, 2012

Christine E. Reinhard and Monica J. Lerma presented the topic titled, “NLRB Expands Its Reach,” at the Schmoyer Reinhard Breakfast Briefing held Tuesday, October 9th.

The presentation focused on how many employers in Texas are not unionized, and as a result, they often do not consider rulings or actions by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  However, the NLRB has recently ramped up its scrutiny of all workplaces, not just those with union representation.  The presentation also explored the NLRB’s intrusion into the workplace, including non-unionized workplaces, and its increasing invalidation of a host of typical workplace policies and practices.