“Time for a Tune-Up? Human Resource Audits in a New Decade,” Speakers Shannon B. Schmoyer and Jason Pirruccello – Schmoyer Reinhard Breakfast Briefing

February 25, 2010

Shannon B. Schmoyer and Jason Pirruccello presented on the topic, “Time for a Tune-Up? Human Resource Audits in a New Decade,” at the Schmoyer Reinhard Breakfast Briefing.  The presentation focused on how newly cash-invigorated governmental employment agencies have increased their staff and investigator payrolls in an effort to reduce complaint backlogs and aggressively pursue new claims.  Employers need to take a comprehensive look at their employment policies, practices, and record keeping to ensure compliance with a myriad of local, state, and federal employment laws.  The presentation also provided an overview of the human resources audit process along with practical advice and considerations in conducting an audit.